January 23, 2010
By Jackson Miller

The Torch’s staff are among the world’s best jour­nal­ists with crip­pling addic­tions to heroin.  Our cur­ric­ula vitae are filled with sto­ried pub­li­ca­tions with whose names we are no longer legally allowed to asso­ciate ourselves.

If you think you have what it takes to write for The Torch—a lit­tle free time, a lot of bom­bast, and a pro­nounced absence of shame—send us an e-mail!  We know the prover­bial bar is set very high, but lucky for you the game is limbo.  If you’re not the cre­ative type, we’ll even give you assignments.

Editor Jackson Miller
Staff Writer Lance Feinstein
Inspiration Megan Fox

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